Ascendant T.I.G.E.R.: Total Integration of Geographic information System and Enterprise resource planning System
Organizations/companies that are engaged in businesses that require supply chain support, field asset and workforce management, and data management. Our business solutions enable our customers to make their logistics operations more efficient and cost effective by:

  • Improving the precision, speed and effectiveness of their data analysis, decision making processes
  • Enhancing field logistics deployment, monitoring and management capability
  • Increasing speed and reliability of data communication and access

ACSI’s Human Resources Knowledge Management (HRKM)
The way eBusiness is being successfully conducted on the Web in the business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketplace is having a heavy and potential positive influence on eBusiness practices in the workplace.
Traditional HR organizations, like traditional business, need to understand these new challenges and rapidly adopt new technologies, as well as new models for providing service to their customers: managers and employees. If they don’t, they will be relegated, as they have in the past, to an administrative function. Those with the right vision and skills will rise in their organizations from administrative servant to strategic partner.

There are several ways that organizations can harness forces that are defining eBusiness in the workplace namely:

  • Managing information and knowledge
  • Transactions with rich content
  • Personalization: making information relevant to the individual
  •       Recruiting
  •       Benefits
  •       Training
  •       Business Intelligence
  • Converging content and applications from multiple sources
  • Human resources management solutions for the web
  •       Web Deployment
  •       Open Integration
  •       Self Service

ACSI’s Financial Applications
ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC.’s software applications are the technology of choice for bringing web-based, front and back-office financial applications to market faster. Lending financial institutions can use ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC.’s applications to monitor and optimize portfolios, automate a wide range of business processes involving complex B2C and B2B transactions, as well as make the optimal investment and loan recommendations to online customers in real time.
Stay Competitive: Designed to meet the unique requirements of each organization, ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC. software applications go well beyond the ordinary ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. High performance rule and optimization engines, as well as advanced graphical components offer unparalleled speed, flexibility and functionality. With this competitive advantage, financial institutions can rapidly make changes as their customer and business needs evolve.
Higher Profitability: Powered by ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC. Financial Application, financial institutions of all types and sizes will attain higher return on investment while dramatically reducing development risks and costs.
Competitive Advantage: ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC. Financial Applications are designed to meet the complexities inherent in the financial world. Built for rapid implementation, the software can be used across multiple channels to deliver reliable and robust solutions with the highest level of functionality.
ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC. is delivering the finance industry’s best technologies to enable its customers to gain a competitive edge. Other banking and financial services application of ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC. includes:

      • Online Trading
      • Portfolio Management Optimization
      • Distributed Trading Applications
      • Web-based New Account Advisor
      • Intelligent Credit & Billing Reconciliation
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Web Personalization

ACSI’s Wireless/Mobile Solutions
The newest wireless and wired Internet access devices will make it easier than ever for workers of all types to gain access to vital information and excel at performing their professional tasks. Wireless devices, from cell phones to PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant), let workers perform in fashion. Wired devices, including laptops as well as Internet appliances and other single-use devices, make it easier for workers to outfit homes, conference rooms and other locations with information-access capabilities.


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