ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC. offers a complete solution for an effective Internet presence, both on the wired and wireless domain, focusing on critical issues such as marketing objectives, design impact, and technical stability for enterprise deployment.
Our company works on the continuing development and innovation on products and services that will not only support current customer needs, but also anticipate future market requirements.
The following are the basic packaging definitions of the products and services that ASCENDANT CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS, INC. offers:


Geographic Information Services (GIS) Systems:

A geographic information system (GIS), also known as a geographical information system or geospatial information system, is a system for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the Earth. GIS technology can be used for scientific investigations, resource management, asset management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Urban planning, cartography, criminology, history, sales, marketing, and logistics.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) System:

ERP Systems are software solution that addresses the enterprise needs taking the process view of an organization to meet the organizational goals tightly integrating all functions of an enterprise.

  • Facilitates Company-wide integrated Information Systems covering all functional areas
  • Performs core corporate activities and increases customer service augmenting Corporate Image.

ERP integrates the following: Database, Applications, Interfaces and Tools
Why ERP?

  • Complete Integration of Systems across the departments in a Company as well as across the Enterprise as a whole
  • Only solution for better Project Management
  • Better customer service
  • Automatic Introduction of Latest Technologies
  • Expertise database

The driving factor for ERP includes:

  • Business
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Development-new areas, products, services
  • Ability to face competition
  • Efficient processes required to push the company to top gear
  • IT
  • Present Software does not meet business needs
  • Legacy systems difficult to maintain
  • Obsolete hardware/software difficult to maintain

Problems tackled by ERP Systems:

  • Human Resources
  • Material Shortages
  • Productivity Enhancements
  • Customer Service
  • Cash Management
  • Inventory Problems
  • Quality Problems


  • Human Resources (Human Resources Knowledge Management-HRKM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales and Marketing Module
  • Master Scheduling Module
  • Materials Requirement Planning Module
  • Capacity Requirements Planning Module
  • Bill of Materials Module
  • Purchasing Module
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Module
  • Logistics Module


Internet and Wireless Application Development

ACSI’s technology and system engineers and designers can deliver sophisticated applications to automate a wide range of business functions, including sales, human resources, accounting, fulfilment, data collection and warehousing, and document management.
Our key areas of expertise include database integration, e-commerce/m-commerce, multiple tier distributed architectures, content publishing systems, enterprise resource and supply chain optimization.

Website and E-Commerce Development

Our services range from designing a new site to re-engineering an existing site to hosting, developing, developing e-business and e-commerce applications, database design, capacity planning, and customized programming.

Relational Database Development

Relational Database Systems include all aspects of data, including customers, prospects, and applications. It is the heart of business process. Its integration may be applied to inter/intranet, e-commerce and m-commerce systems. ACSI has broad experience in design, modelling, development, and integration of business databases, resulting in innovative, highly interactive Web sites.

  • Communications: dedicated to extending ACSI’s lead in network management, customer care and billing, Internet operations and equipment management
  • Value Chain Management: committed to powering enterprise applications for the value chain (supply and demand chains, including CRM) and the e-value chain (B2B and Internet-managed supply applications)
  • Industry Solutions: supports e-business, finance, banking, transportation, government for Web and front – and back-office applications, including e-commerce, personalization, travel, lending and trading, and resource management and supervision, among others

Project Management

ACSI is staffed with seasoned IT Project Management Team guaranteeing the delivery of projects on time and within the budgeted investment.

System Integration

ACSI offers a complete solution for integrating platforms and applications within the enterprise and beyond.

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